Become an Unstoppable Leader!

What is The Unstoppable Leader Community (ULC)?

The Unstoppable Leader Community (ULC) is the first worldwide community of driven businesspeople who reach their goals the clever way (healthy, rapid, skilled).

Save time and money: get hold of high-quality knowledge, that was reviewed and handpicked by experts in management, psychology, neurosciences, and business.

One-stop shop to increase your network, be heard as you share your experience, benefit from other members’ feedback or insights, multiply your opportunities and ideas, and ask as many questions as you want 24/7 to clever businesspeople anywhere in the world.

Surveys filled by the members of ULC show that:

. 95% reported having reached their goals faster, and were able to turn valuable knowledge about neurosciences, motivation and self-leadership into their everyday work habits, thanks to ULC.

. 83% asserted that since they joined ULC their level of stress has diminished, their resilience was strengthened, and their communication with clients, team members and investors improved.

As a Unstoppable Leader Community Member, you get:

  • 2 masterclasses per month (90 minutes each) live + replay

  • On 1 topic per month: deep learning and exchange. In November 2020: “How to reach your goals faster”

  • Countless videos, webinars, cheat sheets, and articles to support dynamic businesspeople

  • 24/7 exchange with peers

Benefits of being a member of the Unstoppable Leader Community (ULC):

International Community

Be part of a diversified and vibrant community of business leaders and professionals from across the globe.
As a member, you can start conversations and ask as many questions as you want. Thus, you can truly apply the new learning to your very work life.

Currently, ULC members have started groups of discussions and exchange of skills on the following topics: leadership skills, making good use of emotions in the workplace, setting & reaching your goals, communication and self-management.

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Tutorials, Courses and Research

Members will have access to our constantly growing video and document library created by industry experts on various topics.

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As a member, you can participate in our curated 2-hour online Masterclasses. 2 Masterclasses per month (live + replay) Upcoming topics: November 2020: How to reach your business goals faster December 2020: Strategies for successful fundraising January 2021: Secrets to rewarding recruitment of coworkers February 2021: Strengthen your resilience & lower unhelpful stress

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Improve your Leadership Skills

It doesn't matter if you run your own business, manage a team in a company or teach a class, leadership skills are today more important than ever. Our tools will help you to become a better leader.​

and much more...

About us

At the Unstoppable Leader Community, we believe that your dreams are worth living. Driven by the values of professionalism, innovation, and growth, we deliver highly valuable content and environment, so that you can confidently turn knowledge into habits, and dreams into reality. Nobody can be successful alone. We want to help you achieve your dreams. We have built this community because being part of the Unstoppable Leader Community is the most efficient way for you achieve new heights: learn in a supportive environment, get access to a large variety of views and tips, build your character, be successful long term. The innovative Unstoppable Leader Community is based on the principles of abundance, the free flow of ideas, encouragement, proactivity, and making a difference. Here you strengthen your long-term success without sacrificing your health or private wellbeing.

About the founder

The Unstoppable Leader Community was founded by Celine Schulze and her team. Celine is a work psychologist (Master of Sciences in Psychology, from the UK University of Derby), and IFC-accredited coach with over 10-year work experience in the international finance industry. After working for a Swiss hedge fund and private bank, she became a financial advisor for institutional and private investors interested in Chinese and European small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to her insatiable appetite for innovative corporate solutions and her French-German master’s degree in Finance, she constantly finds ways to positively address corporate challenges. She also graduated from Peking University, where she participated in the intensive programme in Chinese culture and Mandarin. Besides her mother tongue French, Celine speaks English, German and Mandarin.

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